Shaping the Energy Landscape: Examining EU-AU Partnerships and Strategies for Energy Transition with Youth Involvement

In an era marked by unparalleled challenges in energy transition and climate change, pivotal global gatherings become essential platforms for steering our collective future. The UAE Consensus at COP28, a centerpiece on the need for Energy Transition, exemplified this at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. As a result, the Youth Sustainable Development Network (YSDN) and Junior Enterprise Turin (JET) ESCP have joined forces to release a comprehensive report. This report meticulously delves into crucial discussions surrounding energy transition, centering on perspectives from the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU), and the active involvement of youth. The report underscores the urgency of fostering collaborations and building connections, emphasizing the need to lay the groundwork for a greener and more sustainable future across both continents.