Changing the
Narrative through
Active Participation

Changing the Narrative through
Active Participation

Since inception our impact spans across 45 countries, where we’ve empowered over 10,000 youth, cut emissions by 258.11tCO2, engaged in 100 speaking events, forged 20 key partnerships, attended international conferences in 17 countries, and executed three impactful sustainable projects.

YSDN in the Media

Global Participation


The Youth Sustainable Development Network (YSDN) played a crucial role in shaping the discourse on climate and energy at the 28th Session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in the United Arab Emirates. A significant achievement was YSDN officially joining the United Nations Energy Compact at COP28. This compact signifies a commitment to collaborative efforts in advancing sustainable energy goals, solidifying YSDN’s position as a key player in the global energy transition landscape. Read the YSDN Commitments here

The International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum 2023

At the International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum 2023, the Youth Sustainable Development Network (YSDN), represented by its CEO, played a significant role in advocating for the necessity of youth re-skilling and upskilling in the energy sector. While also focusing on grassroots-driven efforts, the YSDN CEO highlighted the significance of concessional financing from international financial institutions in addressing the impact of climate change, and facilitating the transition to clean and affordable energy. Watch the Full Speech here

Conference of Youth 17, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 2022

At COY17, the YSDN facilitated a youth session where we emphasized the need to be action conscious when it comes to addressing the impact of climate change. While reiterating one the key missions of the Youth Sustainable Development Network- youth action, the YSDN CEO spoke to over 100 youth present on the need for youth to lead and demand climate action in their communities as the world right now needs action more than ever before.

Conference of Parties 27, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 2022

At the 27th session of the Conference of Parties, the Youth Sustainable Development Network was present as an Observer and participated in sessions in line with its core mandates. One of our major highlights was our active participation in the drafting and presentation to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a few Heads of State, a National Educational Action Plan on how to drive Nigeria’s carbon neutrality and sustainability agenda.

African Youth Climate Hub, Rabat, Morocco 2022

COP27 comes right 30 years after the inception of the Rio-Convention, a time where the need to transition to climate Just systems is core to the development of climate vulnerable countries and states- most especially from the Global South. As a delegate at COP27 in Egypt, the YSDN was invited by the African Youth Climate Hub in Morocco to give the key progresses and outcomes of COP27 now known as the Sharm-El- Sheikh Implementation Plan (SHIP). With over 200 participants present across the world, the YSDN represented by its CEO emphasized the need to define countries that qualify as “vulnerable” to decide funding arrangements established in the lead up to COP28. Also, YSDN posited the need to Integrate youth voices into global climate and energy engagement- Education, Policy Recommendation and Project Implementations should be more intentional than ever before.

The Netherlands Consulate Youth Consultative Forum, Lagos, Nigeria 2022.

In December 2022, representatives from the Directorate of Social Development, Director of the Directorate of International Development from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Consulate extended an invitation to the Youth Sustainable Development Network to engage on educational needs and skills gaps in Nigeria.
Discussing youth participation /engagement in policy process and how Netherlands Consulate can play a role to amplify young voices, the Youth Sustainable Development Network proposed the need to gain insights on the startup ecosystem & identification of challenges of young entrepreneurs, promote ease of doing business and access to finance and partners as viable means to address youth unemployment and unemployability in Nigeria.

3Zero World Forum, Paris, France

The 3zero World forum hosted by Convergences and ACTED at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, France. The YSDN was represented by its Head of Outreach and Advocacy. Through the Head of Outreach and Advocacy, the YSDN presented in a session focused on the role of Intergovernmental Organizations and youths to capitalize on sustainable grassroots projects. Using the Youth Sustainable Development Network as a point of focus, the YSDN Head of Outreach and Advocacy shed light on how youth are building mini sustainable projects at the grassroots to over 500 participants present.

Sustainable Energy for ALL Forum, Kigali, Rwanda 2022

As one of the Youth Delegation of the Africa-Europe Foundation present at the Sustainable Energy for ALL forum in Kigali, the YSDN CEO co-chaired a roundtable with Mary Robinson, Honorary President of the Africa-Europe Foundation, Chair of the Elders, and former President of Ireland, and lead initiator of the AEF’s Women Leaders Network and the key outcome of the roundtable focused on support for youth led actions towards a just transition across Africa and Europe and bearing in mind the current realities of both continents while also integrating electricity access and clean cooking into energy planning in the context of Africa and Europe Partnership.

Conference of Parties 26, Glasgow United Kingdom 2021

The Youth Sustainable Development Network was one the youth-led organizations present at the United Nations Climate Change Conference- the Conference of Parties 26th Session held in Glasgow, United Kingdom. During the two-week session, we not only engaged with key stakeholders but also participated in panel sessions one of which is the session co-organized by Emory Climate Talks and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. During this session, using the YSDN as an example, the YSDN CEO spoke to over 200 youth present on how the YSDN works with youth to champion innovative actions to address the impact of climate change.

Youth Roundtable on International Solidarity, Brussels, Belgium

In September 2022, the YSDN was invited by the Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation, Maryame Kitir to participate and speak at a round table conversation focused on youth and international solidarity in Brussels, Belgium. With over 100 youth participants present, the YSDN proposed the 3Cs (Commitment, Communication and Collaboration) to build the right synergy when it comes to youth and international solidarity.

JET ESCP & YSDN Exchange Programme

A pan-European organization founded in 2004, as a student association within ESCP Business School, JET ESCP is Junior Enterprise (JE) which provides consulting services for companies, institutions and individuals. Through our exchange programme with JET ESCP, five of the YSDN’s members are the first set of Africans to work with JET ESCP, as associates in management and business consulting to further deepen their knowledge on real-life business dealings which will be pivotal in the future of work.

YSDN Workshops

Young Lawyers for Climate Justice

Young Lawyers for Climate Justice Nigeria was a two-day workshop designed by International Climate Change Development Initiative and Youth Sustainable Development Network for Nigerian law students to be educated and sensitized on the role of the legal profession in achieving the net zero agenda. Through this workshop, YSDN was able to bring veterans in this field who sufficiently discussed and disintegrated the climate change and justice sector, enabling them to understand. This was indeed life transformational for the 30 law students present.


The SDG-TAL workshop is an annual workshop where we teach young people about the SDGs. It is an avenue for youth to learn and be equipped with digital skills, whilst learning about the Sustainable Development Goals and the concepts of social impact and social innovation. This project stems from YSDN’s objective which is empowering youth to be change makers and also on the understanding that to thrive in our environment today, youth need to be equipped with digital skills. According to the UNICEF report, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the digital economy is here to stay, thus, for today’s youth, ICT knowledge is vital for success, determining their ability to participate in the society as well as contributing to their employability. Therefore we hosted SDG-TAL which taught youth about ways to incorporate the use of ICT and other digital skills in advancing the SDGs and also increasing their employability.

Afrikan Youth Caravan to COP27

In the lead up to COP27, the Kenya Environmental Action Network and the Youth Sustainable Development organized the West African Afrikan Youth Caravan to COP27 workshop in Lagos Nigeria. With 80 youth in attendance, the message of the workshop centered around Resilience, Just Energy Transition and Youth Action. Amongst several insights provided by speakers and participants which were contained in the official statement presented to the COP27 presidency, was the need to not only limit the conversation in Africa to climate change, but also to talk about Africa’s development, particularly its economic development, as there should be an active and well-rounded discussion about the future of humanity in our communities and even at COP 27 and beyond.

Community Projects

Solar Irrigation for Sustainable Agriculture

In 2021, in a bid to address the high cost of energy and intense decline of water supply faced by local farmers, the YSDN launched the Solar Irrigation Project, having raised USD5,000 to support farmers in Lagos, Nigeria to have access to knowledge, management, and equipment on irrigation that supports them to practice all year production. This solution helped the farmers increase farm productivity by 50% and income by 70%.

See project video here

Climate Postcards

In the fight for climate justice, young people around the world are relentlessly advocating for a livable planet and the possibility of an equitable future. It is on this basis that the International Solidarity PostCard Project, a project organized by Enabel, Methos and the Youth Sustainable Development Network sought to shed light on the impact of climate change.

Using the COP27 as a leverage, the essence of the postcard helped to visualize the realities of climate change victims around the world, as this cards were sent from individuals facing serious impact of climate change across different communities in the world to world leaders and key decision makers present at COP27 on the need to take urgent actions in tackling climate change.